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It is sufficient here to say that there are instances on record of compression of the superior cava, of the pulmonary artery, and of the azygos disease vein. Vp - of what he saw and learned in that surgery during his boyhood, in the vacation periods of his apprenticeship and student days, and now during the short year he was to spend" Many cases have I observed enter the consultant's surgery, lame and in pain, wlio after being well fitted witli a laver of stiff adhesive plaster, over and around the aflected articulation, left the surgery less lame, and in less pain; sometimes even without pain. Before leaving the pons it probably receives, by way value of the posterior longitudinal bundle, fibres from the third nucleus for the orbicularis palpebrarum, and from the hypoglossal nucleus for the orbicularis oris. One had the lips rubbed several times against those of the affected animal, and the other was inoculated in the nose and upper lip by punctures of a lancet inoculation (scholarship).

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Corp - this is characterised by depression of the anterior fontanelle, stupor, changes in the pupils, and sometimes fatal coma.