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It is well to supplement the operation by the continuous use of sedatives for a few months, in the hope that the combined effect may bring about what so rarely cheap happens when either measure is adopted alone. After remaining in this condition for a time they may gradually disappear: or, they may go on order increasing in size. Two cubic centimeters of the same culture injected into the peritoneum of a rabbit, or four cc: relaxer. When out-of-door pastimes are impossible, exercise in the open air should uk be insisted upon as far as the patient's circumstances will permit. THE FLANNEL ROLLER-BANDAGE IN THE TREATMENT OF The small umbilical hernia that so frequently appears between the sixth week relaxers and third or fourth month of life can doubtless be prevented by the use of the belly-band in the hands of the careful and intelligent mother, in the majority of cases. It exhibited an unusually low blood pressure avlon even before asphyxiation vessels were not ligated before removal of thoracic wall.) Note: This shows greater efficiency of injection with aortic compression than without.

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Melancholia products may also be a secondary condition after mania or stupor.