A long rectal tube formerly recommended has been abandoned for the ordinary large male rubber catheter, which may be attached "buy" to an (ordinary two or three litre irrigator, preferably made of glass.

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Universities - curtis: Not long ago a very urgent request came to the State Board of Health to go to the country seat in Westchester county of a gentleman well known through the world, on account of there having developed two cases of diphtheria in his family, and I was asked to go down and see what light I might throw upon the subject of its cause. The certifying surgeon's work would still, of course, be necessary, in existing circumstances, for certifying fitness, and also vs for industrial poisons and diseases which had to be dealt with under the Workmen's Compensation Act. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF harmful MEDICINE.

One or two of the spreads in contained all of the differently named microorganisms, while many of them showed two or three different kinds. She has been educated in all the branches of science contemplated by our by-laws; her credentials are faultless; she can sustain the most searching examination by our board of censors; she is to assume the responsibilities cmi of professional life; the public will give her its confidence, accept her services, bestow its emoluments regardless of our preferences or acts. Volume Assistant Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Volumes IX and X of the Practical Medicine Series have been good published by the Year Book Publishers, of Chicago. He believed full publicity as to the details of juvenile court proceedings and institutional life would stimulate public sentiment to the degree plus that the demand would be made. Many of them are given with that degree of fulness and accuracy which make them valuable acquisitions to prescription our statistical knowledge. Like his colleagues, the author is sorely tempted to advocate cesarean "brand" section to give the child his chance. The veterans to whom much of supplier this credit is due are passing away, and younger heads and hands are coining forward. It is a matter of congratulation that the loan from the bank was reduced during at no distant date this item will di-sappear entirely from the medicine Balance Sheet. I quite agree order with him as to the importance of abdominal pain. There was a slig' sense of numbness in the limbs during the night, but xanax in the morning no u symptoms of any kind. Epiphytic ferns and orchids and other plants become more thicker and suppliers more luxuriant, enwrapping even the branches and branchlets of the trws and forming a deep, soft, soil cover, frequently a foot in thickness. The effect of combined uses diphenylhydantoin and phenobarbital administration on the response of vitamin D-depleted rats to ergocalciferol, cholecalciferol, was measured by determinations of serum calcium and phosphate concentrations and of intestinal transport of calcium in vitro by everted loops of small intestine. The belief is warranted that digestion and absorption are online subject to the same laws under pathological conditions as m the normal state.

The feet were cold, the hind legs paralyzed, and the tongue was login of a blue colour.

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The General Medical Council had in a sense been entrusted with the health of the nation in so far as the effects st mdard of the medical profession was concerned, and it must take care that all safeguards were maintained.