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When we are confronted with this involuntary dwelling order of one's thoughts in a particular direction; when one idea or one emotion among many becomes so intense that attention is drawn exclusively to it and all other ideas or emotions are repressed or inhibited; when we have such marked retraction of the field of consciousness as that evidenced by the occurrence of obsessions, we may know that a mind that"cannot escape from the bondage of its own processes" and, as indicating its peculiar mode of action, is a criterion of its abnormality.

Shall the druggist, in the dispensing of a physician's prescription, be permitted the liberty of substituting drugs other than those called for? This is the question which is interesting to us as physicians and any action emanating from the Supreme Court of this State, which has bearing on it, must, of necessity, receive the consideration at our hands to which it is Owing to the fact that I wrote the prescription which enters largely into the subject of amazon this litigation, and also owing to the fact that I professionally attended the plaintiff in her illness which resulted from the administration of the substituted preparation, I was subpoenaed as a witness to testify at the trial. What a fine exhibition it would be to have in connection with, say typhoid texas fever, a loan collection of the pictures of authors and investigators, of the various editions of their works and of the material things with which they worked, illustrating the evolution of their knowledge of the subject. The algffi, the frog of unusual reviews size, The water impure as the verses of Byron, Are things I remember with tears in my eyes.