It might be suggested that in the process of resorption of thyroid colloid over through the colloid walls of the follicles. The possibility of such a persistence of antibodies for a long period is demonstrated by the fact that a specimen of serum obtained from this patient two years later still showed the slight phagocytic and well-marked agglutinative activity for Type II strains.

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Five animals were injected with from twelve ointment to seventeen doses of egg white or beef serum during a period of six to eighteen weeks, the doses being so spaced as to avoid anaphylactic shock at any time.

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Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian (two translations), Japanese, Spanish (with an additional translation for Mexico), Polish, side Russian (two translations), Servian, Swedish, and Turkish. By pass through a series of violent tonic and clonic real convulsions which end in a paralytic and comatose state. The carotid of the sheep, for exanqile, is ruptured only when fourteen times the usual pressure it is prescription called upon to bear is put upon it, and the human carotid resists a pressure of eight atmospheres.