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In - he is a general practitioner of the highest type, and has done much to promote the organisation of medical societies in his section of the province. Delhi - in man the lesions are associated with suppuration, whereas in animals small, hard tumors are formed resembling sarcoma. Dense ignorance exists among British workmen, tinged with a good deal of indifference, with respect to this aspect uk of the situation. Guarantee acne First-Class Work, and use LAS VEGAS HOT SPRINGS, NEW MEXICO Comprises a Sanitorium.

As to ligating the stumps in three parts, I sometimes do this and sometimes only ligate the outer thirds or quarters which contain the large vessels, and place the sutures on the pared edges deep enough to act as efficient htemostatic agents (south). Knlargenient of the superficial retino veins has been noted. Digitized by the Internet Archive North Carolina History of Health Digital Collection, an LSTA-funded NC online ECHO digitization grant project PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY DANIEL DAVIES.

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In the internal organs the effect of the toxins is often to hindi cause epithelial degenerations, so that it is not uncommon to find profound fatty metamorphosis of the liver and kidneys, doubtless partly due also to the anemia.

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