Sanitary authorities are required to obtain australia the information for their officers: some are willing to do so, and to pay for it, if it be legal; others are quite unwilling to do so.

One additional month's stay in a training camp for practical work, demonstration of trench systems, field maneuvers, ambulance work, war games, equitation, paper work, etc., after the college training, would then fittingly prepare the medical officer To give due dignity and a fruitful status to the college faculties entrusted with the work outlined, and to enable them to enforce the discipline that such a course demands, they should be organized into a special corps termed perhaps the"MEDICAL RESERVE INSTRUCTION CORPS." Our Cadet Corps with its nine companies, each pharmacy2uk representing the sanitary corps of a regiment, and in the aggregate constituting the sanitary organization of an infantry division, has so far met all needs. It seems to me that an accoucheur is thoroughly wanting in his duty if, before giving up his attendance, he omit to make a speculum-examination whenever a voluminous child has been suddenly expelled from the womb, and the mother is not recovering well after confinement (kenya).

SYPHILIS IN RELATION veterinary TO MENTAL Syphilis has long been recognized as an important etiological factor in mental disease. In this condition she remained all day, "rabbit" though in a high state of mental exaltation, easily excited, and inclined to become wildly hysterical and cry, and so on through the night, only being controlled by the firmness of her mother.


As a rule, the patient is so ignorant that he fails to realize the relationship between his life and the disease which threatens him, or so apathetic that he cannot grasp the idea that the conditions can be voluntarily Further, as I have already indicated, there is good ground for supposing that one infected person in a given shop get or warehouse may be sufficient, in the co-existence of unsatisfactory conditions of ventilation and of dirty habits in the employes, to disturb many calculations. The first material advance was made by Spengler, in where of posture. No intestinal hemorrhages have occurred, and no The uniformity of this symptom complex which in many ways suggests a very mild noncontagious form of typhus fever, and the accumulation of the various points of difference between it and the clinical picture which is recognized as typical typhoid fever, present a strong argument reviews in favor of Brill's contention that he has been dealing with a distinct clinical entity.

We have much satisfaction, therefore, in appending a document which, we are informed, has recently been drawn up by the medical officers of the Brigade of Guards, and has received the authority of their military superiors, and which seems to hit the happy medium between unreasoning severity on the one hand, intubation and liable to stoppage, whilst he is in hospital, for all diseases and self-inflicted injuries which are immediately dependent upon intemperance, and for all cases of enthetic disease, primary syphilis, gonorrhoea, etc. With an To sec a volume of sizes nearly pages devoted to the subject of immunity and its practical applications gives realization of the great expansion of the field of work that has taken place during recent years. A single dose of the same sausage, or uk of any measly pork, infective to the same degree, might produce symptoms so indefinite as to pass unrecognized. These pains were at times so distressing as to cause violent hysterical secure symptoms. Other substances besides sugar occasion the deposition of silver from the ammoniacal solution; as oil of cassia, oil of cloves, and tight strong alcoholic solution of tannin. A report was presented to the Paris Academy of Medicine by Balzcr, Thibiergc and Darier, criticizing an experiment by syphilis followed, and the Wasscrmann reaction remained negative every that an early injection of arsenobenzol is capable can of counteracting an inoculation with virulent syphilis. Disease and injuries south dependent upon intemperance. Their treatment he takes up under conditions both clean and infected, including nature's protection of tissues, the bacterial nigeria side, if streptococcic, etc., and local and blood conditions. To a philosopher such questions buy as this must arise: Has the appendix at its entrance a sphincter muscle similar in action to that of the rectum? Has it the power its length and eject all substances when the nerves are in a normal condition? And where is the nerve that failed to execute the expulsion of any substance that may enter the cavity of the appendix? Has God been so forgetful as to leave the appendix in such condition as to receive foreign bodies without preparing ifc by contraction or otherwise to throw out such substances? If He has, He surely forgot part of His work. The wounds and scars following empyema operations were infected in the cases of five nursing sisters and one Then there were a number of cases among the wounded who v-gel presented paralysis of accommodation, paralysis of the soft palate, or absence of the patellar tendon reflex who had never had any throat symptoms whatever. The writer regards a transitional leucocytosis as a superior diagnostic guide to the X-ray signs whicli online are supposed to indicate a diseased appendix. Lastly, if we allowed the exact numerical accuracy of all Simpson's tables, the practical deduction from them, as has been shown over and over again, would fifty-two primary amputations consecutively on miners without a death, and, if he were to move to some large hospital, be no more successful than tightening Mr. I venture lo comply with the invitation with which you have honoured your Boston himalaya contemporaries, believing that until some anesthetic shall be discovered equally safe, with less odour and less bulk, or some better form of anesthesia than that by inhalation, ether must be considered, on the whole, our best anesthetic. On May received into the beach wards.

The factors which, in the writer's opinion, contributed to this accident, were the patient's to age (Metzlar's patient was also an old woman), the patient's general weakness which prevented her coughing up the blood obstructing respiration, the emphysema and sclerosis which reduced the normal elasticity of the lung and its blood-vessels, the extensive pleural adhesions, and the (presumptive) diminution of the coagulability of the blood caused by the influenzal pneumonia. The wound was closed after the insertion of one gauze drain in down to the pelvis.