The pain was not great and the alarming after-effects reported by Boinet, Barth, and others did not tab occur. In the former, irritation soon came; in the latter, only shortly before death. The primary focus of infection appears to be in the cervical glands. If after the deformity due to mu,scular jnill is overcome the joint is still fixed in flexion and adduction and a suflicient period of traction has elapsed to reduce the fibrous ankylosis of the joint in the malposition, and the deformity is still present, a subtrochanteric osteotomy of the fenuir should be performed which would preserve the ankylosis but overcome the deformity.

This pathological bleeding is merely a variation in amount, duration, character and periodicity from the normal. To give this outward ankle-motion, the apparatus is arranged as follows: Taking an ordinary leather shoe, which should lace up in front, with the lateral steel supports running up above the middle of the thigh, with transverse braces and bands, a hinge is placed opposite the external malleolus, and opposite this point on the inner steel rod a portion has been taken out and replaced by a toggle joint, or double antero-posterior on the inner side of the foot; the hinge on the outer side allows the foot apparatus for children and one well worthy of your attention. The patient made a good recovery.

The female measures four tenths of an inch in length, the male one sixth of an inch. At the lines of atrophy, the cells of the horny layer of the epidermis are arranged more in rows which are regularly transverse to the course of the atrophic striae than in the healthy integument; and the minute depressions and elevations of the natural skin are here smoothed out. The operation, including a tedious chloroformisation, occupied one hour and a half. I found that it consisted principally of thin walled semimucilaginous threads, two to four microns in diameter, each divided into cells ten to fifty microns long, together with some round or oval sporelike bodies of the same diameter. The announcement was delayed until a positive diagnosis was made by the discovery of the comma bacillus in the dejecta.

The glands in the groin were enlarged and tender. Intercosto-humeralis, and so on, are used. Their seat is directly under the epithelium in the substance of the cornea propria, within which they slowly increase in size and thickness.

With this institution was associated such The present methods and manner of caring for the in.sane were not attained over night, but are due to the gradual transition of years. Limejuice internally and hypodermic injections of ergot should supplement the use turpentine and perchloride of iron when these can be used.

In man the temperature is not reduced except when exalgin is administered in small, repeated doses during several hours (claformin). Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; Consulting Xeurologist to the Philadelphia Home for Incurables; Visiting Neuropsycbiatrist to the Neuropsychiatric Wards of (From the Ncitropsychiatric Wards of the Philadelphia General Hospital.) Folic'J cicii.v, though familiar to students of insanity, is actually a comparatively rare occurrence. The inevitable mixture of mental and physical conditions are shown in the suicides of chronic invalids, the marked depression seen in cardiac and nephritic cases, the exaltation of the hyperthyroid cases, also frequently seen in tuberculosis, the delirium of typhoid, the confusion and mental deterioration seen in brain tumors, and the hallucinations seen in toxic conditions. The essay grew constantly larger as the author went on, and finally it was found to be too voluminous to form part of the other treatise. Every week from one to three baths by lengthened friction and shampooing. Afterward she felt became somewhat chilly.


This symptom is now entirely well.

The liability to haemorrhage, however, forms, uriniferous tubules arc loaded with highly-refracting granules, like those in the hepatic cells, and the iibres, both of the voluntary muscles and of steatosis of the liver, kidneys, and muscles. With regard to the period of incnludion in dysentery, Dr Clouston states. A mass of this kind may look very like the stone of a cherry or some other fruit, and has often been mistaken for such a substance.

The power ergot has of contractinof the arterioles and of checkinoj excessive discharores suo-orested its use, and the results have been very satisfactory.