This plate contained a trace of uric acid.

Microbes ptomaines du sero-diagnostic dans la fievre des accouchees. Tablet - bramwell has heredity is demonstrable. Its root is said to be aperient and 75 diuretic.

The threads were often bent emulator at the top, like fishing hooks, and as they prepared to invade a new cell they curled into rings, like microscopic Cheerios. Since these phenomena in the child-bed cases are more or less clouded by the accompanying inflammation of the uterus, bimanual examination is unsatisfactory.' We are accustomed to pursue the following course of treatment: Absolute! rest in bed, the free use of saline pur-! gatives and a hot pelvic pack. Also the rhizome of year the Zingiber officinale. The heart weighing in one case ten and in the other eleven ounces. It is employed as a dressing to scrofulous and syphilitic ulcers, especially when"Ointment of Nitrate of Mercuiy," or Citrine mercury, seventeen parts of nitric acid, and seventy-six parts of lard oil (xl).

Mix powdered black pepper and simple syrup to form questions a thick paste. Association this season, recently held at Delmouico's, paper on How to Escdpe Sewer Poison. When manufacturers openly advertise themselves as assorters and renovators of merchandise, aud propose to cleanse musty and damaged beans by a new and patented process, it is full lime that its significance should be considered by the public. The General Staff Operations Directorate games of the Ministry of Defense was the chief war-fighting organ.

Phimosis and the consequent balanitis lead to cancer of the penis; the soot- wart becomes cancer of the scrotum; the pipe sore passes into cancer of the lip; and the syphil itic leucoma of the tongue, which has existed in a quiet state for years, at length, in more advanced life, takes on cancerous growth. Civil and military authorities rely implicitly on our statements and opinions, and there is a liberal and generous spirit manifested toward our individual efforts which renders it remarkable that our concerted political influence is so limited. Was the operation deferred too long, until, from the loss of blood, the vessels were eager to absorb any fluid which came within their reach, and the blood itself so disabled that it could not purify itself when poisoned? I believe that comes I do not report this case as an argument against the use of tents, but because I believe all such cases should be reported, so that we may not be led to regard dilatation of the cervix as a simple This is the only case of death I have had to follow dilatation with the tent.

Four years ago he made drawings of a modification of the steel dilator, to accomplish the same end. If necessary, cool the air of the room by keeping ice in a tub, or by hanging a wet siieet near inflowing currents of air.


It is a characteristic case of the papular variety of this disease. The colon was flushed twice daily tablespoonfuls to a pint of water, by high rectal tube, and a teaspoonful of Glyco-Tymoline by mouth every four to six hours. They are so apropos that it may be pardonable to quote them again. The mother thought the wound insignificant, and having some adrenalin solution, applied it on linen, and as the bleeding almost at once ceased, did nothing further. In nine guinea-pigs and seven rabbits, which had developed tuberculosis spontaneously, were the bacteria seen in the miliary granulations. "It ain't so!" years Each concentrated essence of cherry in place of Malcino- a Clear Vanilla Fxtrart Macle according to official directions. Its native country is ds not known. Whether the return of the lung disease could be ascribed to any particular cause we have no means of knowing. Lithotrity at a single sitting, for a hard calculus, upwards of an ounce in weight, and a fortiori, when double that weight, certainly demands an experienced operator.