It is not followed by the same marked effects upon the pulse as is the case in the other two methods: online. In his second case, Professor Warren, after clearing the surface of the tumour, rather than divide the sterno-mastoid for fear of injm'ing the spinal accessory," the consequences of which last I was unacquainted with," adopted the alternative of cleaving the mass perpendicularly in its long axis, so as to remove the two halves from under the muscle; and here, again, he tied and divided for both the carotid and internal jugular; but some parts of the tumour in front of the vertebras were left, the actual cautery being appHed to them. Less precise observations had been published in England verapamil by Q-raves five years earlier.


The whole of the papers appear to us to effects be of the very highest standard, as indeed was to be expected in a system I part; Diseases due to Lack of Vitamines, i part; Diseases of Endocrine Glands, i part; Haemopoietic Organs, i part; Circulation, promise the complete work within two years. The power of the Council was not, he thought, intended to be exercised in a dii'ect manner, but through gel the medium of the licensing bodies.

A catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small intestines; characterized by fever, pain, tenderness and "sr" looseness of the bowels. New crops of vesicles soon follow, or if subsequent vesication do not occur, the fluid rapidly diffuses over the 240 excoriated surface, which also, in turn, dries into large, yellowish crusts. All mg these symptoms grow gradually worse; and to them are added symptoms of cardiac failure and consequent passive congestion. Either variety may attack all parts of the body, but buy the abdomen, chest, back, neck and arms are the regions usually invaded. Yet it must be added that many physicians who have seen much of the plague refuse to admit the necessity 120 of such strict measures as isolation of physician and nurses, so that they go about their work as if they had no plague cases. Increase irritability; and then prevention only in the plethoric and robust. IIaimorrha;ge with shook prophylaxis is stated to liave been the cause of death in some of the tabulated cases. Some of these laws are good, some are really very good, some are far from good, and it by no means follows that the best 40 laws are found in the oldest established States.

Garnham observed that some cause must be assigned for this dosage steadily increasing tendency year by year to an epidemic of this disease; and he considered it to be due to the manner in which the compulsory Vaccination Act was carried out, many parents in the town refusing to have theii- children were unvaccinated, except one, which was said to be above the age of ten years. Hurry in such matters invariably leads to confusion and loss, if not failure; and though after a time part of the men and animals engaged may acquire the experience necessary for effective co-operation and right execution of duty, the experience so obtained is purchased at a high cost: order. His biographer thus describes his personal appearance and tablets character at this period; a description the truth of which will be recognized even by those" Nature had been bountiful to him: he was tall in stature, of dark complexion, and with noble and expressive features. The fungus is seated between the strata of the epidermis, more particularly in the superior layers migraine of the rete. Gunshot wounds and their treatment are discussed in the light of experience gained in the war, but, as the author points out in his preface,"the war has developed an immense amount of literature which has not yet been sorted, analysed, and weighed with accuracy." In addition to side General Surgery and operative procedures, chapters are devoted to Anaesthetics, Bandages, Plastic Surgery, and X-Rays, Radium, and In the latter section, rewritten by Dr Pfahler, the various methods for the localisation of foreign bodies are given and the treatment of malignant disease by X-rays, radium, and electro-coagulation is also The illustrations throughout the text vary considerably.