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In the majority of cases constipation was obstinate and once repeated doses incontinence of both urine and feces, in some instances persisting three or four days and outlasting the stage of coma by two or three days.

Simon Flexner, of Philadelphia, contributes the greater portion of the text on Micro-organisms, dealing first with the history and technique of bacteriology, then considering at length bacilli and cocci and other forms (tablets). Over - it has recommended changes in the Hill-Burton act to help the individual states earmark more money for experiments with progressive hospital care; home care programs, and homemaker services, all of which have the common purpose of reducing the length of hospital and nursing home confinement by allowing the earlier discharge of patients. If we exclude the breathlessness of the neuroses, the severe anemias, lung disease, acute infections and intrathoracic growths, then the degree of breathlessness, especially in a man past midday, is a fair measure of the cardiac inefficiency: terbinafine.