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The emphasis dosage on medical specialization and technology in recent years has resulted in the establishment of more hospital based practices, leaving many, of the smaller and poorer communities and the ghetto areas without access to medical care. They are then securely tied and forwarded in a box for examination can (Kitt, Bongert). Paralysis of the opposite side, partial or complete, usually progressive, however, with a distinct interval of consciousness between the trauma and the subsequent unconsciousness almost surely indicate a clot from rupture what of the meningeal. In the case reported he had ijerformed two operations; the first by amputating the cei-vix with his serrated scissors and compound terraculum, after which the intra- and extra-cervical mucous membranes were united after buy the method of Hegor by the introduction of ten interrupted silver sutures. A point that interests me is the fact that this scar, being in ingredients the situation it is (just over the leg and arm centers of the right side), the convulsions should begin on the same side.