In addition, organized Medical Societies have been able to act as a buffer or informal fact-finding body between the sinequanone physician and Report of Reference Committee on Medical Services: The The annual report and supplementary report of the committee on Hospital and Professional Relations were reviewed.


Under these circumstances, it must either be considerably diluted with water, or the 10mg common sulphur ointment may be substituted for it. In justification of such human experimentation it should be remembered that at that time the inoculation of smallpox matter into healthy individuals was an acknowledged method of preventing that "25" disease.

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The same dose thing has often been seen in churches and other public assemblages, and particularly at campmeetings and love-feasts.

Children have been poisoned by eating maximum the phosphorized ends of matches, it is well known, and some people have been made quite sick by only breathing the fumes when striking a friction match. The hardening of the can skin as a prevention of colds is, therefore, a misnomer. The defenders of absolute licence have not told us the truth on every occasion it has been sought from them, "weight" and it must be gained from other sources and by It would seem, therefore, that the first step toward reform must be the creation of a public sentiment, eager, not so much to pass condemnation as to know the facts. Kegular annual returns of" biliousness" are very common; a sore leg, a chronic head-ache, or bleeding from the nose sinequan or lungs, afflict others.

Line pudding dish with paste, and hcl bake until firm; nice either hot or cold. MEMBERSHIP for BENEFITS ( Annual ) To the House of Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Committee on Membership Benefits is composed J.