The ilia were oblique and vertical, masculine in appearance, of and the arch of the pubes was angular and projecting. Those patients treated with an aggregate of such salts not reaching three drachms a day were considered as under saline treatment; those taking as much as three but less than four drachms, as under partial alkaline treatment; those taking from half an ounce to an ounce and a half, as under full alkahne treatment: tablets. " A hundred thousand dollars, perhaps fifty thousand dollars, wisely and immediately expended, with the vigorous and intelligent co-operation of that portion of our people who have a character to maintain, will accomplish all that can now be done to avert the imminent danger: 200.


The pleura showed no signs of inflammation, and all the thoracic effects viscera were sound.

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The government wants to expand sendees and access to an evergrowing population how and pay less for it. In all these cutaneous experiments, we perceive not only the agency uses of the membrane itself, but even that of its respective surfaces, so that we are not at liberty to admit the assertion respecting the action of the liquids, as independent of the influence of the intervening membi'ane.

We gave him six grains of tartar emetic at one draught, and promised to call upon him injection in about an hour.

Examination per vaginam showed that the cervix uteri was very high up, and the os for very small, so as not to admit the passage of a small bougie. I will not say that Mcsmer's astral force was a distinct anticipation of Von Reichenbach's discovery, which was noways pregnancy suggested by the former, and was from first to last an effort of inductive observation. This current of thought is continually being changed caps or modified, through impressions made upon our senses.

He made a slow used but good recovery. Cobwebs claims that from a few pads of old fossil trusses, with here a screw and there a buckle, he can depict the progress of past surgical thought just as well as I can never hope to equal such all-embracing learning, but nevertheless I may interest you by showing from his collection a few fossil trusses, and tracing the evolution from their crude forms down mg through various changes into the modern elegant styles.

This is a ready than the use former. It is almost impossible to say whether the slit was made by a pistol-ball or an arrow, so closely does the entrance wound made by an arrow tablet resemble that made by a small ball. It accumulates in the intestine, with other matters constituting the meconium, and price is finally evacuated soon after birth. When ice water is introduced into the torpid stomach, it must destroy that 100 small spark of vitality left. When the kidneys become so affected by disease as to be unable to separate the urea from the system, the during accumulation of this excrement in the blood frequently induces other organs to attempt its removal. The collapse increased, and in two hours more the patient died: given. These cases have not been carefully enough studied to lay down any reliable rules of diagnosis or treatment, but Massei has been wise in calling attention to an affection wliich needs more careful During the past five years there have come under the writer's observation fourteen cases is of this disease.