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Bakteriologische Untersuchungen am pathol.-anatomischen Material The author had exceptional opportunities of studying post-mortem material obtained from cases of dysentery in it a large military hospital at Pardubitz (Bohemia).

Agitate the air.') An operation recommended by Ambrose Pare, which consists in keeping fractured limbs cool, as well as the dressings surrounding them, by the renewal of the air around them, either by the use of a fan, or the repeated of position of the parts affected (in). Having therefore made sure that we deal actually with gonadal antagonism, it becomes immediately evident south that not only do the sex glands of Triturus respond to the gonadal substances of the Ambyslomas, but that thcv serve as extremely sensitive indicators. Furthermore he postulates four testicular hormones: one, which induces antler growth; a second, which regulates growth; a third, which initiates resorption of the velvet by online a marked local"eosinophilia"; and a fourth hormone, which acts on the muscu lature of the blood vessels of the antlers inducing a nutritional disturbance, concludes further that there is a seasonal inhibition of antler growth by the testes, expressed by the withering of the velvet and subsetjuent death of the antlers. Every regular we liave ever talked to upon the subject, is thrilled with admiration for the patriotic stand of the great volunteer of the world, and we all have taken him into our ranks as a fat beloved and revered brother, who honors us by associating with us, learning from us that which we can teach and giving unto us abundantly of his great store of knowledge. Three kinds of microscopic crystals can be obtained from hsematin.) An agent that augments the number of red corpuscles or the hamatin of the blood (can).

The first important and fundamental problem to be solved was, naturally, the finding ireland of a sure, specific agglutinating serum. Lam'ina Spira'lis, Sep' tarn sca'lie seu coch'leie loss audita' rive.

Inopol'ypus, (ino, root and polypus,) see Polypus. Safe - exact formulae for each solution are given, and it is claimed that this method is at once speedy and accurate. Such attacks are very deceptive, and may be!nistaken for true cholera (africa). There are a certain number of cases that present none of the cardinal symptoms of ulcer, and the first evidence that the patient had ulcer is that he develops an"acute abdomen", and, on exploratory operation, it is found that he has a ruptured gastric In speaking of the treatment of gastric ulcer, we would divide it into order medical and surgical.