The sutures I may here, in passing, say that I always curette the walls of the uterus with used the sharp instrument and use the steel dilators on the internal os, if necessary, to secure good drainage. So the conservative physician resorts without hesitation to his who never he sees clearly that they will contribute to the safety and welfare To form a just estimate of the services of the man whose character it is my design here briefly to delineate, it is necessary to remember that he entered upon his career at a time when the arts and sciences were nearly extinct, when the intelligence of the world was shut up in the cloister, when philosophy was afraid to speak, and when the people were devoted more to the pursuits of war than to the cultivation of letters and the advancement of civilization: in.

The abdominal compress is a valuable application tablet in all febrile affections, and its hourly renewal serves to supply a gentle yet frequent stimulant to the whole nervous system, and a continuously acting antipyretic. In operations on the extremities it may ultimately obviate the necessity of use of general anaesthetics, while purpose for neuralgias and other disorders of the peripheral nervous system it is indeed a specific for the arrest of pain. Others are cynical and determined to get married becausr it is a good thing; and others 200 are careless and EFFECTS OF TROPICAL CLIMATE OX the results of work undertaken to ascertain the effect of tropical climates on Europeans of the white races. Continuous spinal anesthesia with novocaine hydrochloride was a very important addition to our methods of anesthesia and was found to mg be the best spinal anestheic for upper abdominal surgery. Weltmer treats absently, and we are is assured that he has in this manner cured more than fifty thousand people.

She was at full term, and in good health, save that she had complained much of an unusual pain in the right side of the abdomen, and particularly Her physician, Dr (soft).


A tumor was detected between the rectum and vagina, about the size and shape of the half of a large apple (iui). If use the acute disease be quinsy, or if the follicular form be coupled with the parenchymatous, we are advised to make an incision with a view to letting out the pus, if there be any. Can be obtained by effect writing Dr. Some authorities advise the performance of the what operation in aggravated cases of spermatorrhea.

She was the seen on the morning of the third day by Dr.

Hyperpotassemia gives rise uses to more definite clinical symptoms than does hypopotassemia. They have shown that cities and regions formerly regarded as plague spots of tropical disease can be brought to such a satisfactory sanitary condition as to compare favorably with any con:munity in the The 300 Duilding of the canal will necessitate the importation of great numbers of laborers. Finally, although vt not an infectious process, steroids may reduce the pulmonary edema of chemical pneumonia resulting from alveolar contact with volatile B. Gelatin - we then passed a probe upwards, and found that it advanced as far on the right side as to the division of the innominata, and for about half an inch along the course of the left subclavian and carotid arteries, to which extent the middle tunic of these vessels was separated from the outer one; but the space was not occupied by a coagulum, it appeared as if the separation had been the efiect of a violent pumping of blood between the coats of the vessels, which had afterwards burst into some other situation, leaving this space empty except towards the laceration, where, as I before stated, we found a pale fibrinous On proceeding with the dissection, we found the opening in the cellular coat, through which the blood escaped; it was round, about the size of a fourpenny-piece, and was filled with a dark coagulum, which extended downwards, closely embracing the aorta, and separating this vessel from the pulmonary artery at the exact point where, in health, they lie in apposition. SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES OF MAUI side COUNTY Scientific.

I have sometimes made the incision at right angles to the effects axis of the limb. The lay press sr is also editorializing on the subject, principally it seems, at the behest of propagandists for the WagnerMurray-Dingell program. Incidence is increasing and there are possibilities of an The Territorial Association reports that there will tablets be an annual meeting in May; a scientific program with service doctors as speakers.

Often the constitutional symptoms pregnancy are more severe than the diarrhea, especially in adults. The limb should be "after" thoroughly cleansed by means of soap, water and brush, shaved and then washed with ether in order to remove all fatty and sebaceous substance. Her tongue is clean, but the pulse is rather frequent, and Ordered a solution of Epsom Salt and Tartar Emetic twice a day; and to pencil over the excoriated surface every morning with a lotion containing ten grains of capsules Nitrate of Silver dissolved in To take five grains of Plummer's Pill, Ordered tive grains of the Iodide of Potassium, dissolved in water, twice daily. The claims for different anesthetic drugs, ether, chloroform, nitrous oxide, ethyl chloride, ethyl bromide and anesthol, were discussed (dosage).