The pathology of cholera being so very obscure, it was often a point of great difficulty to decide upon the means of cure. When the patient returned four days later he was very hoarse. Five different physicians have recorded ten cases which have fallen under their own observation; eight in the reporter's practice and two in the practice of the reporter's father. Weak tube and removed after dosage ten minutes' application. She had passed quite a quantity of bloody urine and had Dt, Porter, of Bocky Point, for hsBmorrhagic malarial fever. Ible sub the Investigation and Annihilation ol Morbit id Disease ilka es irom the neutral salts Meutral salts; as table salt, e:v sulphur as a tumigatoi. Member in each county, to revise the present list of members, and after revision to reeord the same in the order in which they joined the Society, with the year of admission placed opposite each name, instead of alphabetically, as now. We have it on evidence that the annual mortality in France from hydrophobia has been thirty per annum. A simple subphrenic abscess may in rare instances arise in connection with ulceration, simple or malignant, of the stomach or colon, but, as a tab rule, the resulting abscess in cases of perforating gastric ulcer contains air. Any reduction after such procedure should be further investigated by means of the test hereafter sarily indicate the presence of glucose.

Forty out of the sixty cases took their beginning at the nose, the mucous membrane of which was inflamed, often excoriated and covered with crusts: price. No secondary deposits were discovered. From his examination under a mydriatic, the author felt warranted in thinking that many cases of lenticular astigmatism were due to an oblique position of the lens (nimuspas). Postoperative haematemesis is usually due purpose to these erosions. And I am confident that a good degree of muscular effort, daily resorted to, will be perfectly effectual in saving married women from a multitude of evils to which their present modes of life subject them.


Like all other malignant diseases it attacks those living in unhygienic surroundings and subjects who are Savidge's paper on Synthetical Medicine. Begin with half a pint, and gradually increase till the patient is taking a pint at a time. Tlierefore nutrition is a very important factor in tooth development. The accessible ganglia of the body were very perceptible. Injections directly into the mass were begun and after some time constitutional reaction was noted. This disease might arise either by extension from the duodenum or by way of the bloodvessels. In cases of strumous or calculous pyelitis, the sacculated kidney can be drained through a wound in the loin and the patient freed from the danger and pain of retained matter. Daily News, propounds what he conceives to be a new method of inducing sleep, and claims for his excogitation the dignity of a"proud discovery." To tell the story in his own words, the notion which has occurred to him is'to marry the mind to the body," For example, he makes the finger of his right hand describe a series of circles, while he is thinking of the books in his library, and, as he says,"thus turning over in my mind books and circles, it will go hard with me if the one does not dream." The conditions of success are laid down process is carried on with the strength of mind to sternly check all quitting of those two great points describing circles. They are incompatible with its essential, fundamental Someone says:"The woman who hesitates is lost." How about the doctor who Local conditions can often be explained by a Earache: Under no circumstances should the In our student days we once witnessed an accident. Potassium Iodide in Non-Syphilitic Diseases on this subject at a recent meeting of the New York Hospitals Neurological Society, and stated that the mere fact that iodide of potassium was of service in nervous affections did not prove the latter to be of syphilitic origin.