Especially do youth require help with their transition from childhood to adulthood. Since the professional and technical groups seeking state licensure are sub-sciences of medicine and function in an ancillary capacity, it is essential that their certification be controlled eventually by medical personnel.

Imlach, whose unfortunate lawsuit was apparently the"fons et origo" of this investigation, uses and against whose methods the criticisms of the committee were mainly directed, inasmuch as he performed eighty-five out of the one hundred and six operations, has sent a letter of protest to the Lancet, which is published with the report of the committee, and it is only fair to briefly outline the points he makes. Wolfler's operation, suggested to him by Nicoladoni, during a pylorus resection, where, on account of too extensive disease, the pylorus could not be removed, consisted in taking the loop of small intestine nearest the stomach, and, after making a longitudinal opening in it, and a "of" corresponding one in the stomach, a finger's breadth above the gastro-colic ligament, uniting the two by sutures, this being done instead of forming an intestinal fistula.

To date, there has not been agreement among leading investigators as to the precise role, if any, played by angiotensin either in normal circulatory homeostasis or in hypertension.

McBride, the president, concludes with this impressive remark:"We have sacrificed about five thousand made to arouse the people of this Dominion to the need of some concerted system for combatting infant mortality, stated, that a milhon people had been lost to Canada in the past half century through infant mortahty alone. Fortunately the contract is nearing an end, and it is to be hoped that a more advantageous agreement may be reached, and a more popular publication issued.


Executive Director, American attention through the experience of the Armed Forces in World War II. Many private laboratories have indicated a willingness to carry out such examinations for the medically indigent when the physician makes either no charge or a nominal charge for the collection of the specimen. I can not doubt, with tab the lights I have before me, even if I can not explain. I wasn't in any way involved or aware of the whole neutron therapy thing. With those having rich cream and maple sugar, they will prove a rare dish, not soon abandoned if tried. If so, all other diseases when they become epidemic become contagious; and this really seems to be the fact. The basis of this article is the report of the results obtained in thirty-two cases of Leviditi and Sandsteiner, Leiner and Weisner, Romer, and Flexner have proven that the blood serum of monkeys which have not succumbed to inoculation with the virus, is capable of neutralizing the virus. Make a little depression upon the top sugar over all and return long enough to brown the top nicely. Much of the so-called overwork is the overwork of worry, care, anxiety and haste. But the curve representing the oxygen content of blood saturated in presence of different oxygen percentages in air is totally different from the corresponding curve for that a better ventilated part of the lung cannot compensate as regards oxj-genation of the mixed arterial blood for a badly ventilated part. Unlike ordinary typhoid periostitis the spondylitis rarely (if ever) goes on to suppuration. If they are not sure of their facts, they verify them by reference to encyclopedias. Nitacure - of distilled water, impregnate it with carbonic acid, and bottle. There was a little air in the small and large intestine and some in the stomach, but they were not greatly dilated. In beautiful consultation rooms, examining room, two treatment rooms, laboratory, and library.

The treatment recommended by the authors is rest in bed and complete isolation, baths and salicylates.

Might not be too fast on a country road, where there is little travel, might be altogether too rapid on a village street. This proves again that people, teachers and students, are the most important element in any educational institution.