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Originally the indications for cesarean section were limited, because delivery by laiwrotomy without suturing the uterus, although occasionally successful, nearly always resulted in death from and hemorrhage. This examination was made because of his great weakness and rapid loss of weight in the past year (for). This assertion is not theoretical, as I have seen three ectopic in gonorrheal infection, notwithstanding the fact that the gonococcus is primarily a surface organism, it quickly spreads to the deeper layers of the tube, and the gonococci and their toxins may escape not only through the abdominal ostia, but actually through the walls of the oviducts, and excite a local resistance in the form of a plastic exudate at these points: amazon. The experience gained from seventy-two cases, being the whole number in counter which the remedy was employed, would indicate that the best effect is obtained from the remedy when given about an hour after a meal, at the time when the normal acid element of the gastric secretion is being furnished by ucous membrane.

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