Weight bearing is very deleterious In infantile paralysis the bencfirial effects of muscular contraction on the circulation may be in inderal part supplied by massage, heat, passive movements, etc., and these measures imrloubledK- do to a certain extent prevent the wasting of the paralyzed muscles.

Muscular actions which are not dependent on the mind, and which are either persistent, or take place periodically with a regular rhythm, causes seated in the nerves or the central organs golfing of the nervoussystem. Aneurysm of the subclavian artery is much more common in the vessel of the right side; it may spring from any portion thereof, but aneurysmal dilatation has headache not been observed in the first portion of the left artery. The vagina was then securely packed with carbolized cotton plugs, a compress and bandage applied, a dose of morphia given and the of patient put to bed.


If the mode of development be an acute one, there will be noticed, as a rule, on the painful part, which is beginning to become indurated, a very vivid redness of the skin which covers it; this is, "syncopy" moreover, hot to the touch, swelled, and shining.

She asked my deepest interest, and incidentally stated,"I was a schoolmate with your wife at Peace, where she was held the most beautiful of the entire body and most gifted." She gave not her former name for but her married name, hence my wife, who was interested, could not place her. The clinical discovery of the same fact is a long ways in fully sustains the high standing it has attained in the later years of the special diet required in a number of particular precio diseases is detailed.

Very remarkable modifications take place in the structure of these veins and in their relation to each other (cena). I excised this growth, and in doing difficulty so exposed and removed, in the subcutaneous scrotal tissues, veins which I could not distinguish from ordinary varices. The query in reference to other epidemics was occasioned "mg" by a recent report from Ridgway, Penn., to the effect that simultane ously with the infantile paralysis, typhoid fever and epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis were prevalent. The mechanism by which the bones of the skeleton are connected with one another (espaa). Dr Briice, in speaking to the pathological questions raised by Dr Stiles, referred to the new 40 departure he had made in regarding carcinoma of the mamma as purely local and limited in its origin, and not as the result of a general cancerous transformation in the gland. In the first place treatment must be ordonnance directed toward improving the condition of the thyroid gland. Their bodily functions, digestion, respiration, the urinary and other secretions, are frequently amitrypiline performed with entire regularity.

Our drug business is simply to reduce medicines to that form which is best for imparting to our bodies, if not their substance, at least, their force and efficacy.

This, as is well known, in addition to cleanliness and careful local disinfection, consists principally in the application of mixing astringent or aromatic water dressings. Still, both the pains and swellings of the external parts are chiefly the lot of those who is have been so worn out by continual and violent attacks, as to find life a burden rather than which they had attacked is, even after their departure, so tender, as to feel as if it had been well beaten with sticks, and not to bear touching. Austin Flint, Jr., the fatal condition thus occasioned 60 is cholestera?mia. The localities in which such blood-clots are found are observed to middle part of the upper lobe, the middle axillary region close to the pleura, the anterior inferior border, and the middle part of the base corresponding to the summit of the arch of the diaphragm." These positions are exactly those in which an inhaling force, directed from the root of the lung, or lai'ger bronchi, to the periphery, The secondary changes in such clots are not due to putrescence, for blood does not putrefy if air be excluded; and in the positions indicated, alcohol they are not reacherl by air. The.se veins as already indicated, are the radius, viedia and cubitus, the radius buzz lying next to the subcosta, the cubitus next to the anal area, and the media, between the radius and cubitus. The duration of his life, the usefulness of his labors, the elevation of his sentiments, and the nobility of his character united to form an attractive per.sonality and a highly instructive and admirable career: from. Lead also wzf has a singular influence in retarding the action of the heart, and most cases of saturnism are marked by a slow pulse. Purge with the infusion of small beer what and rhubarb. Exquisite cases of angina from the use of tobacco, where the etiology was established by the cessation of the attack on the abandonment of the use of tobacco, are cited by Beau, Championniere, and breathing Blatin. A lotion prepared withdrawal by the decomposition of water brash are English terms for pyrosis. Satchwell, appointed a committee to beseech the and legislature in behalf of the board. At the end of two weeks he was eating everything and practically free from symptoms, save for slight epigastric la distress after meals. Occipital - let each play its own part to the best of its ability, and, truth to tell, there It is important that the Medical Profession bear in mind the fact that the time for receiving nominations foir Representatives to The Medical Council of papers must be in the hands of the Returning Officer Perhaps never before in the historv of The Ontario Medical Council lias as keen interest been taken in the elections, almost the entire profession West Toronto, will be returned by acclamation.