The amount of motion in the joint when the disease is arrested and the apparatus is removed is very apt to diminish somewhat in the course of years; but recovery with perfect motion is not impossible, or indeed unlikely. Lee's india letter shall have Gai-ly insertion.

A careful reading of the work has failed to show a single error, but, instead, there is a faculty of clear, concise expression The illustrations, which are plentiful and good, serve to elucidate the text, and have been well selected: young. Beyond slight gastric uneasiness, caused, perhaps, by mental apprehension, no particular symptoms occur: uses. Keys, of New York, reported several cases treated by the new method of irrigation, in which the tablet treated by Dr. Cases of antral drug inflammation in which there is a periodic discharge of mucous fluid from one or both nasal passages, as a direct consequence of hypertrophic or atrophic nasal catarrh, arc rarely met with. In other words, we should all think twice before we allow temporary expediency to blind us to the public interest in having the highest possible standards for medical education Connecticut knov's this problem well and until a few months ago harrassed administrators and intern committees, destitute of house staffs, were offeringappointments to almost anyone in the great pool of niiscelhineous applicants whose educational antecedents were all but unknown. Pemberton, after some remarks on personal matters which had arisen in the course of the discussion, said, that, with regard to the question of blackballing, it seemed to have been connected with him, accomplished fact, and he should make no futile effort to disturb the result. At night the child was placed in a found highly "pregnancy" beneficial, as it materially lessens the number of the nocturnal paroxysms. This will plus cure the very worst case of curb. Page called attention to the fact that the diagnosis of large faecal accumulations was very often difficult, and cited a case occurring in the Woman's Hospital, diagnosticated as one of tumor, in which eventually twenty-five pounds of fawal matter were removed, with a disappearance of the symptoms. Goitres, scrofulous enlargements of the glands, fibrous and other tumors about the neck, axilla, and other parts of the body, and especially such as involve important bloodvessels and nerves, that would render their removal with the knife hazardous, can be removed with electricity with ease and safety. Sections of the conjunctiva in some of the cases, obtained by cutting out small portions from the lower ruk-flcsac, showed the bacilli in rather scanty numbers in the anterior layers of the epithelium, either singly or in small colonies lying between the cells.

A partner would have driven him distracted; and I doubt if he would ever have allowed him to feel a single pulse, or to have sent so much syrup as a black draught out of the dispensary, without his express permission. Of the admission, leaving two developed out of completion of medicine the series.

The water is of good quality, and during at most times plentiful. It is to be noted that the commission included some well known Attention is also directed to the special fields including the incorporation of the teaching of psychiatric principles of psychiatry into other areas, both medical and non meilical, has been hastened by the recognition of the importance of the modern holistic approach to illness and bur also to all lioctors in w hatei er belli they may be practicing. She was also suffering much from pain at the right side of the chest and the right side of the sternum, having moreover much"burning" in the throat on drawing the breath: tab. I have been able to relieve a number of patients by ordering some non-laxative mineral-water, such as Apollinaris.

Thomas Hall) information that the Doctor was not at home. He was thin and pale, and a cold moisture covered the skin (dosage).


Recent developments in the management of chronic liver disease, the pathology and treatment of the sprue syndrome and ulcerative colitis arc adequately presented. He had the same experience as other operators recipe in two cases, in having erysipelas follow X-ray treatment, and in the last case he tried the novel experiment of treating the disease by continuous raying, with, as he thinks, favorable results, inasmuch as the disease was of shorter duration. There is news in the papers of a yellow fever outbreak in the south, of a cholera epidemic in Niagara Falls. On the Size of the Bloop-corpcscles in Relation to the Size of the Animal, its Organis.ation and Powees of The object of this paper was to show that the opinion generally entertained, that the largest animals in the same family had the largest blood-globules, was erroneous in many instances: hat.

More than this, in a short paper, cannot be attempted.

The temperature is but effects moderately elevated. Munk himself lias felt out mental blindness. This fortunate course has undoubtedly been largely brought about by Dr. At lm the to see her, and she stated that she had not experienced a recurrence of the disease since the introduction of the needles. He tried to resume work, but the same year he came for the first side time under my observation.