(See illustration.) He says of it:" This bottle, made of pharmaceuticals glass or crystal, is surmounted by a hollow metal knob which is gilded so that it will neither rust nor collect verdigris. I remember one knee where the patient came to the out-patient department with acute symptoms lasting about a week, where it was subsequently found that the only tubercular local focus was a very small area, not so large as a penny, at the junction "water" of the epiphysis and shaft in the tibia. Judges and coroners have called attention hi to the same thing.

In the blood-forming organs these 350 parasites are rare. Regarding the function of the various cell groups the following conclusions were drawn: The antero-lateral, postero-lateral, and post-postero-lateral groups presided probably over injection the muscles of the lower extremities. O'Doxnell died in zafa London on the ist instant with the River Column, and was awarded the medal with clasp, and the Corps, to be Surgeon, ranking as Captain. Buy - this paper is based on a review of about ninety cases of lesions of the kidneys requiring surgical intervention, and occurring in my own practice. Closely allied to the water epidemics are those which are commonly ascribed to the milk supply, and in these the primary medium of transmission is undoubtedly the polluted water which in some way or other gains access to the milk, either as an adulterant, or in its use for the washing of the receptacles in which the milk is stored, or transmitted from producer to consumer, since no evidence has ever been order produced to show that typhoid-fever infect'on could be transmitted to the milk by means of polluted water which The foregoing methods of transmission having been eliminated, there yet remain other modes which recent observations have shown to be possible. David Hunt, of Boston, will give informal lectures on" The History of Medicine," before by invitation of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association, at the Harvard Medical School on and the students of the Harvard Medical School are cordially The Surgical Treatment of Suppurative Pericarditis. Strauss also points out that there is no other city in the State where either vaccine virus or antitoxin is produced in large enough quantities to At a meeting of the Medical Board of the New adopted commending the results achieved by the Health Board in the distribution and use of preventive who himself narrowly escaped death from the disease, and who has for many years been the superintendent of a sanitarium at Saranac Lake, where the results have been most gratifying, has sent a communication to President Strauss in which he expresses tiie opinion that the passage of the hill, which, it will bo remembered, takes tuberculosis out of the list of infectious diseases, would review be a grave menace to the cause of progressive sanitation and to the welfare of the community.

Edited by Hobart Amory Hare, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in results the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. It thus prevents its deposition in the tissues in cheap the form of salts. Many children under these circumstances die of tubercular meningitis, alone and, on post-n.o'tem examination, their internal organs are found loaded with recent tubercle. The best treatment is that by cycle sulphate of sodium or magnesium; this should be given as concentrated as possible, and lukewarm. That these crude conceptions are still firmly rooted in the popular mind needs no reiteration here, but, nevertheless, they belong to deca the infancy of medicine.


Or online by warm fomentations over the bladder. On the agar sale plates this organism favors the former.

The circulatory disturbances of the brain due to the pressure of the foreign body and doubtless occasioning a certain amount of anaemia in its immediate vicinity over the frontal lobe tech were not sufficiently far-reaching to involve any important centres. Extremely dark stables may also produce periodic ophthalmia and amaurosis: after. The position is not comfortable, as one can easily prove by trying it on one's self (retention). D., professor of surgery in the University of 250 Berne. To this uk boy we gave ten minims of the fluid extract once an hoar. Sometimes the striking is not sufficient to bruise the shin to any great extent, but gives rise to contusion, sets up inflammation, pills the result of which is an extensive exudation, which usually terminates in suppuration; and the matter is deep seated and not very abundant, but from its situation the animal suffers intensely. It is possible that the protuberance may have been due to the squeezing up into prominence in of a bit of inflamed tissue by the muscular contractions of trabeculae in the bladder wall, which would naturally disappear before the specimen reached the pathologist. Bkistowe, in the preface to the volume now before us, "effect" states that it has grown out of a wish formed while writing his well-known textbook, to bring together a collection of eases illustrative of the different chapters of that admirable work.