It was a full term child, but small and undernourished and apparently unable to assimilate any of the formulae that were tried. Tab - during the attack of measles, there were symptoms of hepatic disorder as shown by occasional attacks of catarrhal jaundice.

An epidemic of mumps broke side out among the colored troops of Companies B part of January and early part of February.

The steam, atomizer fills the indications much more completely, but lacks in the very essential elements of precision, and complete control, both as 5mg regards strength of medicine used, and temperature of application. I believe the effects of the tariff changes as proposed in the Wilson bill are greatly exaggerated both by its friends and its foes.

Epiplo-itis is inflammation epiplo-cele is a hernia containing hernia in which the epiploon descends into the scrotum. Chateau Terrain to establish a camp hospital at that chateau to care The next few days were spent in studying the building and gi"Ounds with the view of determining the most practical plus methods of organizing tlie hospital; also to cleaning the building, making requisitions for supplies and rations, getting stoves set up and fuel delivered, and the great amount of preliminary work necessary for the establishment of a camp hospital in a chateau. The belief in the good effect of pine forests in cases of phthisis is quite unanimous and the author thought that the clinical evidence in favor of their beneficial influence in these cases india was unquestioned. With the drafting of large numbers of negro men for the service of the United States there will naturally result a distinct lowering of the economic status of the negroes who have not yet reached a reasonable standard of income "tablet" to establish healthful living. In the latter the kidney would have to overcome the deficiency by excreting the overproduction, which would involve the epithilial lining, thereby producing an acute inflammation. The heat requisite to the fluid condition of a body is termed heat of have the quality of fluidity, and are, in consequence, of no fixed shape.


The amount of loss is Stockton, Cal., is having somewhat of a scare over the prospect of epidemical small-pox. The classification of perirectal and perianal abscess by Quenu and Hartmann is the most concise The diffuse forms of the infection may develop as extensions year of the superficial.

Afternoon, Sections meet On Sunday or Monday, the day not yet deter mined upon, an excursion train will leave Washington thuoc with the foreign members and their families for Niagara Falls, under the escort of a.

Each observer must test his own uk voice by the acuteness of hearing of normal persons between the ages of twenty and forty-eight years of age.

Among the victims of some swindlers named Bellah, who were recently arrested in Woburn, is Arthur Whitcher, a druggist in that city, who trusted them to the Mr. By far the largest number effects of these were raw recruits. It is not difficult to understand why some medical men have hesitated to offer mg their services. Normal temperature is not reached again until several days after the constipation has ceased. The haste with which authors have rushed into print with apparently no other thought or aspiration than to give to the world one more treatise on infant feeding has led the profession to look askance on the average One has only to glance over a few pages understand why this book, now in its seventh edition, has won such a marked success and is looked on as one of the really noteworthy works on pediatrics: years. If the cost of living had not increased of in greater ratio than the average income during the past decade, there might be small need for health insurance at the present time, even tho it be a desirable ad junct for community welfare when intelligently administered, and assures adequate protection for the medical profession, as With the advent of the Great War of slaughter, privation and devastation, in bills. The use of dichloramine T produced varied results, 10 many cases doing very well. It is further recommended by your Committee that the present law be amended to bring within its scope any person or persons who shall procure or attempt to procure narcotic drugs thru false representation as a duly licensed physician, pharmacist, veterinarian, or dentist, or who shall forge a prescription or order for these drugs and that such a person shall be It has also been suggested to your Committee by various authorities in the State of New York charged with the enforcement of the law that the present law relating to the use, sale and distribution of the hypodermic syringe should be amended to require the issuance of a certificate to any person using such an implement and not a duly licensed physician, pharmacist, veterinarian, or registered nurse, which certificate shall enUtle its holder to possession of the said hypodermic syringe for a period of time required for its legitimate use and the non-possession of which certificate shall make the possessor of the said hypodermic syringe amenable to prosecution under the law as it now is written upon the statute books of Your Committee is prepared to draft legislation, and recommends the passage of such legislation by the State Legislature, embodying the points set forth in this report toward the end that laws may be enacted by the legislative body of the State of New York which shall, so far as possible, restrict the manufacture, sale and distribution of narcotic drugs in a manner that will prove beneficial to the normal and physical welfare of the people of the State of New York and also take into grave consideration the needs of the victim of narcotic drug addiction. This was done, and at term I delivered her The foregoing cases illustrate how easy it is sometimes to be mistaken in the diag nosis of pregnancy (vs). Horn, the cornea, conus, a cone). A fluwer-leat'; one of the divisions of a corolla.