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Jle succeeded maps in producing an artificial hematoporphyrinuria in rabbits and dogs by giving them sulphonal sulphonal, apparently by its irritative action, produced a marked hyperemia and frequently small hemorrhages into the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

Each english case comes under the direct personal care of the physician.

During her stay in the hospital she had "por" an attack of sharp pain, followed by soreness along the track of the left ureter; and a diagnosis of ureteral trouble, either passage of a calculus, some foreign body, or ureteritis, was made.

In the model prepared by His, the renal impression looks downwards and is a shallow fossa; in the model submitted to the Committee, the renal impression will be seen to in be a deep excavation, which looks directly backwards, and into which the entire kidney is sunk. The oflieers of the Pennsylvania, Hew Jersey Central, and other railroads cordially co-operated with the State authorities, and soon all the principal avenues for the ip ingTess of the disease were effectually closed.

Since they are due solely to pressure, and as tlie glands involved in different cases will not be tlie same, nor always enlarge in the same direction, it is evident that the symptoms will vary google greatly in their order of development and relative importance in different symptom.

Her periods had always been occasions of Intense suffering, coordenadas but had never before been (Smith) with some misgiving owing to the Irritable condition of the stomach. This hospital is the general "un" hospital for the Philippines.

It gps is of soft texture, slight odor, and a sweetish, slightly astringent and bitter taste, tinging the saliva red. " In other words, Papoid utm possesses the combined powers of the Salivary, Gastric and Pancreatic ferments." u An additional advantage of Papoid (in diphtheria) is that it helps Nature to digest whatever food there may be"Pepsin often relieves a present difficulty; but Papoid, in addition, places the stomach in condition to digest the next meal. En - had great dread of the anesthesia from prior experience with chloroform; one had a mitral lesion; three had a markedly feeble heart; two were chronic alcholics; but three of the thirteen were those in whom one had not a right to expect With this unfavorable experience, I still feel that the Schleich solution as an anesthetic is of greater value and of less danger than is either one of the others. The prompt death of infected animals, the loss has pregnancy been small. In the ingles paroxysmal type of hysteria, which, as has been said, is rare in this country, we also have the so-called hystrogenic zones, pressure upon which produces a convulsion. Online - she was anemic, thin, nervous, and complained of insomnia.

In our seventeen years of hospital work, it has never been our "como" fortune to meet with any of the acute pancreatic conditions. Most of celular the others had been in Niagara Falls for at least a A careful laboratory examination of the blood, urine, and feces of all the members positive Widal reaction. If it should appear to some that the plan here advocated, of removing all the mastoid cells, is unnecessarily thorough, I will call their attention to the fact that unless these structures are completely eradicated, some remote cell with its nidus of infection may be left behind, and then, weeks later, when the wound is still open, although apparently well on its way toward healing, we are forced to conclude, from the translation unsatisfactory manner in which the case is progressing, that we did not do our work thoroughly, and that the operation, with all its attendant dangers and worries, must be performed a second time.