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It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to record all the proceedings of the Board, and carefully preserve all its books and papers; and before entering upon the duties of his office adults he shall take and subscribe an oath to perform his duties boneatly and faithfully as such officer. From the moment the curtain rises with the song"Stars On Ice" cheap by Jack Kilty and the Ladies of the Ensemble until the final scene"Victory Ball" there is never a dull moment. In the case I have already referred to of a boy who for four months had relief no symptoms but paroxysmal i:)ain and tumour, death occurred within three or four days from the time when he first began to have tenesmus and to pass blood and mucus.

The author quotes French records showing that before "dosage" World War I in the present German-occupied increased after World War I in the United States, and the situation became alarming in France and Germany.

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