The author disclaims originality for his book, offering it purely as a of compilation. It is a wonder to me that woman is not more reviews often infected than she is. It recovered without any bad effects (where). In five of these cases the right ventricle was considerably dilated, and in one the left auricle greatly hypertrophied. These last he taught clinically, and read papers on request.

He exhibited three ophthalmoscopic drawings to' illustrate the malady, one copied froin Jager's Atlas, buy and two original; and remarked that they showed, as was always the case, innumerable haimorrhages scattered over all parts of the fundus, and all of flame-shape and branching out in lines radiating from the disc. In certain points there is a great similarity, and in others the difference is so great that a differential diagnosis would be made. In uk practical obstetrics there are not to-day many moot points. Another patient dare not go to church, for, whenever he does, a feeling of nausea comes on and he is obliged to leave, or else he would vomit.

Steiner, of Rosenburg, Prussia, on his good results in acute renal inflammation.


He did not attempt even to look similar but larger flips, consisting of everything he could raise from the bone, and again united them in the middle.

The bird, whose hunger is not appeased by what it eats, eats on till the crop gets an enormous Warm water forced down the throat, and afterwards gently squeezed, will often kosen the mass, but if not, an incision must be made in a perpendicular direction sufficiently large to admit of the food bemg extracted at the upper end of the swelling. There is no botanical garden of the same area, and used to the same extent for teaching purposes, which is kept up on to so small an outlay. Some authors have designated, "side" by this term, the period which precedes th-e invasion of a disease; when certain indications foretell its approach. Even those references," by permission," on the cards of struggling nurses, may have been an abuse of the best of natures. The fibres of these three bundles are inserted into the lateral effects and inferior parts of the tongue. It is calculated that four parts of ichthalbin are equivalent It has apparently given satisfactory results in anaemia, tuberculosis, rachitis, scrofula, syphilis and intestinal catarrh.

These are the divine visions of us all, but his faith was destined to keep all these aspirations in the catalogue of his richest posses sions.

Baker, the medical attendant of the college, for having sent one of the pupils home to his parents by train while he was suft'ering from scarlatina in a highly infectious stage.